Welcome to the Doors.  I am Robert Paul Gmelin.  I teach composition at Sacramento City College and Sierra College.  I also write science fiction.  On this site I explore issues related to writing, education, science, art, media, technology, pop culture, music, gender, sexuality, nudism and anything else interesting and significant.  You never know what might come up.

We all experience multiple realities in our lives, and our efforts to navigate through them while holding onto who we are means that every one of us is the main character in the rich story that is ourselves.  We will be what we choose to be.  The stories we share are Doors to those different realities, whether books, blog postings, or the casual conversations that link us together.  Open a book, read a page, chat with a friend, and you open a Door to Everywhere.

4 responses to “Introduction

  1. Nicely expressed and I love the design of your blog. Using a book title is brilliant!

  2. Robert, I’ve invited you to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop:

    If you’d like to answer the four questions about what you’re working on and how you write, I’ll update my post with a link to your response.

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