Time Passes

Time Passes is the story of a near-future where time travel is commonplace, and the discovery that you can’t change history means that an entire industry has sprung up, allowing people to travel back in time to satisfy their sickest, most depraved urges without consequence.  Historian Dan Major is old enough to remember when time travel was a noble endeavor, not an excuse for carnage and murder, but he is derided for wanting to return it to those ideals by the people half his age who are running the industry.  Dan suffers the same concerns as anyone of advancing age, including failing health and the slipping memory that too often precedes dementia.  Yet when his clearest knowledge of history begins to turn out wrong, he starts to suspect there may be something larger at stake: perhaps history is being changed after all, and he is the only one who realizes it.  Never certain whether he can trust his own memories, he sets out to find answers, in the process uncovering a conspiracy more terrifying than he could have imagined.  Or is it just encroaching senility?

3 responses to “Time Passes

  1. Bob this sounds awesome!

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